Christmas Quiz


There are six rounds with five questions in each.  Click on each one to see the questions.  Come back to this page and click the next question.

In Round 3 you will see images of spoof paintings.  You need to identify the original artist and painting title.  In Round 6, all the images you see are of articles that have sold at auction recently.  You need to guess the winning bid in £ or $ as stated.  Good Luck !

Answers in January 2021.

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6


Q2.1 Q3.1 Q4.1 Q5.1 Q6.1


Q2.2 Q3.2 Q4.2 Q5.2 Q6.2


Q2.3 Q3.3 Q4.3 Q5.3 Q6.3


Q2.4 Q3.4 Q4.4 Q5.4 Q6.4


Q2.5 Q3.5 Q4.5 Q5.5 Q6.5