Mary James

Mary’s life-long passion for Art extends to its study, history, teaching, examining and last but not least its practice.

Since retiring she has chiefly focused on the exploration of watercolour enjoying its vibrant colours, beautiful glazes and the accidental drama of its varied textures created by splattering, spraying and dripping paint.

mary james

Her work is representational in the main with a leaning towards abstraction depending on the subject matter. This includes still life, landscape, life drawing and figurative work.  Mary prefers working from the model where possible and keeps a sketchbook of notes and scribbles to aid the development of ideas, but also uses photographs as a backup or aide-memoire where appropriate.

Mary’s original training was in Art and Textiles and her first creative endeavours were collage and creative machine embroidery.   A tutor and friend from this time, Joan Oxland is largely responsible for the transition from textiles to paint when a decade ago she encouraged Mary to paint in oils!

Mary says, "The journey certainly counts and who knows what lies ahead?"

She is a  member of Abergavenny Art Group.

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  • Oct 2011 Brownings Bookshop, Blaenavon

  • Oct 2011 Heritage Centre, Blaenavon

  • Aug 2011 Abergavenny Art Society Annual

  • July 2010 Abergavenny Art Society Annual

  • Dec 2010 Heritage Centre, Blaenavon

  • Dec 2010 Pontypool Museum Winter Art Exhibition

  • Nov 2010 Pontypool Museum Cafe

  • 2003 St. David’s Hall, S.Wales Art Society

  • Aug 2003 Saratoga Springs Arts’ College (artist/teacher scheme)

Public Collection

Pontypool Museum 2010

County Borough of Walsall (Pictures for Schools 1978)

Faculty of Art and Design, Bristol (Pictures for Schools 1978)

Flowers 2
White Tulips

life drawing
Life Drawing

seated nude
Seated nude
kith and kin
Kith and Kin 1

kith and kin 2
Kith and Kin 2

mary james picture
Cafe Culture

Flowers 1
Valentine Orchids in mirror

Flowers 2
Amaryllis in Studio

water lilies
Water fountains, Secret Garden
national museum
National Museum