Kay Lawrence

kay lawrence

Kay explains that her earliest experience of Art’s power to capture the imagination was at school where the walls were hung with impressionist reproductions, invariably depicting elegant ladies in long gowns.

"I was enthralled by Fashion and for many years worked at developing my skills in designing and making clothes. My interest in Art History and period costume led to me making ever more elaborate gowns for weddings and costumes for the stage."

Transforming design ideas into garments deepened her understanding of posture and proportion. "I no longer make garments but years of measuring and fitting the body have resulted in a natural inclination towards figurative work. I draw from the life model at least once a week and find the human figure a constant source of inspiration in my work.

"I paint mainly in oil because of its physicality and the opportunity it gives for textural variety.  I sometimes paint in the open air and enjoy being close to the natural world.  However, my main artistic interest is in the effect of light on figures and three dimensional forms in interiors."

Kay regards Printmaking as an adventure to embark upon whenever she needs a change of direction.  She says, "It is wonderfully unpredictable - a way to explore and combine many different processes. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t exited by materials and colours. The need to experiment with paper, textiles and paint has always been part of my world."

Kay is a member of Abergavenny Art Group


Blaenavon Heritage Centre Cafe 2011, 2010.

Upstairs at Brownings Bookshop, Blaenavon 2010

Abergavenny Art Group Annual Exhibition 2011, 2010, 2009

Torfaen Museum Cafe 2010

Torfaen Museum Annual Christmas Exhibition 2010, 2009, 2008


At the rear of her home in Pontypool – overlooking her garden.


Telephone: 07974 704068

Email: kay@kaylawrence.co.uk



kay lawrence flowers
The Divine Sarah
Oil on board
nude reclining
Oil on board
nude by kay lawrence
Resting Nude - Blue
Oil on board
flowers still life
Flowers still life
Oil on board