Katherine Jordan

Katherine has always been interested in art and drawing.  When she was in school she did "O" Level Art for fun in her own time as an extra subject.   She explains, "Unfortunately, I was unable to continue to study for an "A" Level as my wish to become a solicitor required me to take more academic subjects."
After University and Law College she returned to live in Abergavenny and practised as a solicitor for over 25 years whilst bringing up two children. 

"Although I am still working almost full time, over the last few years I have attended a number of evening art courses, particularly with Jantien Powell, that have helped me to experiment with different media. Time constraints have so far made acrylics and pastels an attractive option as well as charcoal and drawing with pen and ink with watercolour."

Katherine is looking forward to having more time in the future to spend on developing her own style and experimenting with oils when she eventually retires.
She joined Abergavenny Art Group a few years ago, and has exhibited her work for the first time in the 2012 summer exhibition. 

sheeps head
Sheep's Head

miners houses
Miners' Houses

The Farm

Beacons View
Beacons View

Vase blue

Vase of Flowers (blue background)

flowers red
Vase of Flowers (red background)


harbour scene
Harbour Scene