Working in the style of.....

my mrs moneyMy Mrs Money

Acrylic on board

govilon in the morning

Govilon in the morning

Acrylic on canvas (sold)

Mrs PerryMrs Perry

Acrylic on canvas (sold)

chasing the dream
Chasing the dream
Acrylic on canvas

music loversThe Music Lovers
Acrylic on canvas

Personal Commentary:

Another good and interesting discipline is to attempt to work in someone else's style. You're trying to develop your style, but for a while experiment by painting in way that is similar to a famous painter. I chose two painters, I investigated their styles and set about undertaking two pieces of my own choice but in their style.

I had not really appreciated that Sir Kyffin Williams had done so many portraits until I browsed through his book "Portraits". There are some really wonderful faces in his pictures. So initially I set about copying his Mrs Money to create My Mrs Money. It was interesting applying paint in thicker fashion and working with a palette knife. I then went on to paint Mrs Perry still with Kyffin Williams in mind.

My second choice of artist was Peter Prendergast; at the time there was a television programme featuring his work. Govilon in the morning is my piece of work done with influence from Peter Prendergast's work.

After seeing some of the work of Salvador Dali, I set myself to paint something with his influence. I don't remember may of my dreams but on this occasion I did. I'd been chasing some friends across the hills but (and here is the weird bit) by stepping into wheel barrows all the way. So Chasing the dream is the resulting painting.

Marc Chagall was the influence for The Music Lovers with the characters flying over the Albert Hall, pulled by the swan, whilst playing Lohengrin (and scattering the music sheets) on violin and uberphone.