The Mabinogi

mabinogi oneMae Pwyll yn hela

Acrylic on canvas

mabinogi two

Mae'r mab ar goll

Acrylic on canvas

mabinogi threeRhiannon

Acrylic on canvas

Personal Commentary:

Location: in the Art Class. The mission (should you choose to accept it) was to produce a series of pictures relating to a Welsh theme.  I accepted  and chose the ancient Welsh story Pwyll Prince of Dyfed  from the first branch of the Mabinogi.  (Some perhaps have not heard of the Mabinogi - Google it and see!)

The story is quite long and is magical and mystical.  But here is the very abridged version (in English) as it relates to these three pictures. I have not given you the story that occurs between each of the pictures.  Go in search of the full story if you wish to know.

Pwyll is the young Prince of Dyfed and he lives in Castle Arberth.  He goes hunting one day and becomes separated from his fellow hunters. Pwyll and his dogs find a clearing in the woods where a white stag is being worried by brilliantly white dogs with red ears.  His dogs see off the strange white dogs and he kills the stag.  

Eventually Pwyll marries Rhiannon and she has a son but when the baby is sleeping in its cot, the boy is stolen and the women in charge of the baby are stricken with panic and fear.  These women fearing for their lives pin the blame on Rhiannon saying that she has killed her own baby.  Pwyll does not believe that his wife has killed their child and rather than have her killed, he condemns her to have to carry every visitor into the castle.

After seven years a boy, who is living with a couple who found him as a baby, shows a remarkable resemblance to Pwyll and the couple feel obliged to return the boy to Pwyll.  He is taken back to Castle Arberth where he sees Rhiannon carrying someone to the castle.  Of course, Pwyll, Rhiannon and their son are all reunited and they all live happily ever after!