Life drawing and painting

drawing of nudeSeated nude

Chalk and charcoal on paper

In the long grass

In the long grass

Acrylic on canvas (sold)

girl at the windowGirl at the window

Acrylic on canvas

A Moment of Reflection - Passed
Acrylic on canvas


surlherbeSur l'herbe
Acrylic on canvas

Personal Commentary:

The human figure: we've all got one, but they are quite a challenge to draw and to paint. There are so many aspects to concentrate on and to get right (or wrong). Getting the proportions right is perhaps the biggest challenge. Head too big, arms too short, legs too long, body too big in proportion to the rest! Don't believe me? You try it then.

Then you come onto adding tone, shading to give the drawing the impression of form. Shadows and highlights - very soon your drawing will come alive.

Working in colour presents a further challenge. Skin tone is not just one colour, believe me. Observation and experimentation, trying and failing, trying again and improving.