Still Life

roses on striped clothRoses on a striped cloth

Acrylic on paper

brian's vegetables

Brian's vegetables

Acrylic on canvas

cabbage and cauli

Cabbage and cauli

Acrylic on canvas

still life in blue

Still Life in blue.

Acrylic on canvas

still life in green

Still Life in green

Acrylic on canvas

Personal Commentary

Several years ago now, but when the tutor would come into the room and say, "I've got a good still life for you to do today", there'd be a resounding groan from most of the students. Maybe I'd be groaning as well. But working on a Still Life is a very good way of experimenting with colour, composition, media and technique.

The task of doing a still life painting within a set time, say two hours, is an exceptional way of having the painter get the essentials down quickly and then working on the finer points as time allows - time management applied to painting.

And then there is colour management too! Try choosing all the items in the still life with similar colours, blue or green for example. Vary the backgound colour as well. It's a real challenge but worthwhile. Time management and colour management combined.