notre dameNotre Dame, Paris

Acrylic on canvas

Cwm Llanwenarth

Cwm Llanwenarth

Acrylic on canvas.

govilon in the morningGovilon in the morning

Acrylic on canvas.

winter trees

Winter Trees

Acrylic on canvas.

linda vista

Linda Vista, Abergavenny

Acrylic on canvas.



Oil on canvas

Personal Commentary

Our landscape, whether it is that on our doorstep or what we see about us on our travels, provides a limitless amount of material for painters.  Even from the same viewpoint the landscape will change dramatically between different seasons but change just as dramatically under different lighting conditions.

My wife and I were enjoying an evening boat ride on the Seine when the sun was setting but at the same time dark thunder clouds were amassing.  My camera had to provide me with much of the detail but it just couldn't record what I remembered of the sky.  Some have said that the sky is too dramatic in Notre Dame but it is just as I felt it as being.

Dog walking also allows you to see interesting views and gives you time to consider them for a landscape painting. Cwm Llanwenarth  and Govilon in the morning are just such examples.

The changing light conditions on a winter's scene is the essence of Winter Trees - when else can blue shadows work so well?

The painting of Linda Vista gardens was done as part of an exhibition being organised by the Friends of Linda Vista.  The brilliant colours in the gardens at Linda Vista were not to be missed.