Gallery One - Portraits

self portrait

A Self Portrait - in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.

A pencil drawing self portrait. sketch of self

Grace Denbury Mrs Grace Denbury   

Acrylic on canvas (sold).

 Mrs Perry.

Acrylic on canvas (sold)

Mrs Perry

Tegai Roberts 
"Tea with Tegai" or "Tegai a the"
Acrylic on canvas

woman with umbrella

Lady with Umbrella

Acrylics on canvas  (Sold)

Personal Commentary:

I think that portraits are a real challenge but a really rewarding one if you are able to pull it off.  

Apart from my own self-portrait, the painting of Mrs Denbury was my first serious portrait and although it was meant for her 90th birthday, it wasn't until several months afterwards, that I was happy to call it finished.

Mrs Perry was painted at a time when I was laying paint on much thicker with a knife. Thankfully Mrs Perry was able to enjoy her portrait for several months before her death in October 2011.

There are some faces that just have to be painted.  Tegai Roberts was just such one.  I saw a photograph of Tegai and immediately wanted to paint her.  So I asked for a couple more photographs which were e-mailed to me from Patagonia where she lives and from these I produced the painting entitled "Tea with Tegai" or in Welsh "Tegai a the".