Clive Gilbertson

clive gilbertsonDr Clive Gilbertson tells the story how he once made a casual remark to a fellow doctor that he might take up painting as a hobby when he retired.  "I have no idea where this urge originated as my previous drawing experience was limited to the first form at school where we spent an entire term drawing endless ellipses!" he relates, "nevertheless my colleague rang me to say that I should enrol on a life drawing class that was about to start."

A desire to add colour to his pencil and charcoal life drawings naturally led to watercolour  which he has persisted with over the past twelve years.  Major influences in developing his watercolour techniques have been Anthony Avery at Ross-on-Wye and the work of Edward Seago as well as John Yardley and John Wesson.  He says, "Although most innovative techniques these days seem to have the origin in art faculties in the USA and mostly by women."

Landscapes have been his major interest, particularly in the effects of light and skies.  "But I have attempted to use watercolour in life drawing, still life, portraits and flowers."

mango treeMango Tree

Sweet Peas

sweet peas

Passing storm - Mallorca

Red Flag

bluebell wood
Bluebell Wood, Crickhowell

canal august

Canal in August

wild carrot
Wild Carrot

daisies and lavender
Daisies and Lavender