Gary Ford

gary fordGary (pictured here in Abergavenny Market) had an interest in art since an early age and completed a foundation course at Newport College of Art and Design in 1972.

He intended to take a gap year before returning to study for his degree.  However, it lasted 27 years which saw Gary work as a miner, steel worker, postman and taxi driver from which he retired in 1999 to return to Cardiff University.  He was awarded a BA Honours Degree in 2004 and a Masters Degree in Fine Art in 2006.

Gary explains that his paintings provide an insight into the visual world hidden within himself. They are the result of serious works that were battling to emerge. They possess a texture, the density of which perhaps reminds the viewer of oil paintings – the colour particles affording a textile effect. The technique is a cautious, patient and slow growing one. They are improvisations evolving from a glimpse of memory or a vague dream picture. Definition of form is determined by colour parameters, along with juxtapositioning and demarcation of colours.

Each colour harbours knowledge of its emotional expression, bearing its soul, conveying the theme of the picture, determining ‘what it is’. The final image arrives during the working process – the intention is to disobey the law of optics. The paintings move with the ebb and flow of colours – interweaving, interchanging, never remaining static.






Winter Farmyard

Christmas Eve