Dianne Dawkins

Dianne explains how she started painting in an intriguing story.


"I began to paint following retirement having had no previous experience or particular interest in painting at all.  Now I paint purely for my own pleasure.  It’s a world to which I can escape and totally enjoy.

"However,  my introduction to the world of amateur artists came about in a very unexpected and unusual way.  I was at a party one Christmas time when I was invited to participate in a week's painting course  for total beginners to be held in the south of France. I immediately accepted the offer !

"A friend and I flew to Nice where we were met by my friend Mac, the artist, who drove us up into the mountains above Nice to his wonderful chateau style house. On arrival, we were urged to walk up the flight of stone steps leading to a massive old door, open it and walk inside. The hallway was pitch black and I called out a hesitant  "Hello".

"Immediately,  the hallway was brightly illuminated revealing several camera men, filming our entry.  What a surprise!  It transpired that we were being filmed for the UK TV show, which some of you may remember, called, ‘No Going Back‘ .

"The entire experience of that week changed my life.  Mac took our group all over the French locality where we were taught the basics of painting in watercolour as we painted. It was such a great way to learn how to paint.  I fell in love with painting there and then and remain so to this day.

"Since that time, I have participated in many painting workshops and exhibitions, including several solo exhibitions.  I have painted commissions and I have met many interesting, like minded, wonderful people who have encouraged me and have bought my work.

"Looking back, a chance conversation at a party, took me down a totally unexpected road which has given me so much joy. Thank you Mac .

She is a  member of Abergavenny
Art Group .

Oil on canvas

love you

"I love you"

The Materhorn
Oil on canvas


Chloe's dogs

Oil on canvas

Mixed media

oriental poppy
Oriental Poppies
Oil on canvas

african elephants
African Elephants
Mixed media

Another 2

Another 3

Another 4