Chris Davies

Chris DaviesChris is well known to those who know the Artworkhouse in Abergavenny.  He lives locally and is very proud of his derelict stone barn that he has converted into his studio is the Black Mountains where he has been working since early 2010.  Indeed the influence of his barn is apparent in several of his paintings which are shown here.

Chris studied Fine Art at Loughborough University School of Art and Design and went on to complete an MA in Fine Art Painting at the Royal College of Art.  In 2002 he was a founder and co-director of "Rockwell", an artist run gallery and studios in East London.  "It closed in 2007 but during those five years we exhibited over 250 international artists in over 20 exhibitions", he proudly remembers.

Solo Exhibitions

2005   "Lance" at Rockwell Gallery, London
2007   Sartorial Contemporary Art, London
2009   "The Restoration" at Monika Bobinska, London

Selected Group Exhibitions

2003   Bakla Shop, Rockwell, London
2004  "If you go down in the woods today", Rockwell, London
2004  Zoo Art Fair, Rockwell, London
2004  Kabaret Prophesy, Soho.
2004  East End Academy, Whitechapel Gallery, London.
2004  Ragged School, London Bridge, Southwark.
2005  Terrace Gallery
2005  Prenelle Gallery, West India Dock, London.
2005  Three Colts Gallery, Bethnal Green, London.
2005  "Under the Bridge", The Castleford Project, Yorkshire.
2005  Pocket-Scopic, Sartorial Contempory Art, London.
2006  Half Life, Fieldgate Gallery, Whitechapel.
2006  Muster Station, Rockwell Gallery, Hackney.
2006  Tokyo Wonder Site, Shibuya, Tokyo.
2007  Absolute Zero, Lounge Gallery, London.
2007  Future Can Wait 1, London.
2008  Future Can Wait 2, London.
2009  "Feast of Fools", Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton.
2009  Mill, works on paper, Monika Bobinska Gallery, London.
2009  Pulse Art Fair, Miami, USA.
2010  DADA, Hatherleigh Gallery, Abergavenny.

The Barn
Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas

moonlight surfer
Moonlight Surfer
Oil on canvas