Carol Charles

Carol is an honours graduate from Leeds College of Art and has lived in Wales for over 40 years. There are four elements indelible in all of her work: colour and the European colourist tradition; landscape and the rich hinterland of forms; expression that can exploit what lies between the representative and the abstract; and finally, the paradoxical interplay between 3D form and space and 2D pictorial space and representation.   

She is a member of Abergavenny Art Group.



In conjunction with Patricia Clifford, Carol had a recent exhibition entitled "Through Artists Eyes" at the Riverfront Arts Centre, Newport. 

Her Studio

Carol Charles has her studio with several other local artists at the Old Workhouse,  Hatherleigh Place, Union Road West, Abergavenny, NP7 7RL
carol's painting
Tree Forms
Acrylic on canvas

carol's work