Carol Charles

Carol is a Fine Art Honours graduate from Leeds College of Art.  She began her career studying sculpture, mainly wood and stone carving. Whilst at Leeds and under the tutelage of the internationally known Cypriot artist Stass Paraskos, (later to become the founder and principal of the Cyprus College of Art) she was encouraged to take up painting.

She has since taught art in various schools in South Wales over many years and she has exhibited widely in Wales as well as the border counties.  She also exhibited in Cyprus when she worked at the Cyprus College of Art.  She has been a selected exhibitor at the Welsh Artist of the Year exhibition, Cardiff.

Her work technically has graduated from the use of oils to acrylics and finally to a medium she feels most comfortable with, to the use of textiles. Her venture into textiles prompted her joining the embroiderers guild.

Carol’s work explores the rich hinterland that lies between the representational and abstract, between the two dimensional and low relief, and those strange subjective moments when we see or project images into things, so that our collusion between a damp patch on the wall or coals in a fire makes us perceive them as a tree, a face or a landscape.

Her work often hovers in this way between the real and the imaginary and therefore requires engagement and contemplation. It is this aspect of her work that places it much nearer Eastern thought and philosophy in the meditative and contemplative invite it holds out to the viewer. Given this acknowledgement to the East she still manages to embed her work firmly in the English Landscape tradition, albeit in a much more organic and rhythmic form, especially when she works from the local landscape. There are obvious influences from modernism at play too, the colour, especially in the textiles, is heavily influenced by Mattise and Gauguin, the slight distortions of form from expressionism and artists like Nolde.

What these works require above all is that you refrain from the modern penchant of just looking at them and instead start seeing them. Seeing is an active process, engaging all aspects of the mind, recognition, understanding, imagination, memory, contemplation and meditation.   

She is a member of Abergavenny Art Group.

carol's painting
Tree Forms
Acrylic on canvas

carol's work