Angela Bowen

Angela was born in 1956 in Abergavenny.  After a career as a freelance engraver and bringing up a family, she decided to get proper artistic credentials.

In 2003-2005 she embarked on a Foundation Course in Art & Design at University of Wales Institute Cardiff, which she passed with distinction.

In 2005 she started a BA degree course in Fine Art at UWIC, which she completed in 2008 (Hons.2/1).  She is a member of the Abergavenny Art Group.

Angela BowenShe says that she is a typical Cancerian, creative, home-loving, sensitive and a deep thinker who does not always find it easy to explain their feelings.  I express myself in my paintings which are mostly portraits of myself, either at home, or in the studio, surrounded by props, colourful wallpapers, fabrics and keep sakes, which create an atmosphere.

"Like a crab, I retract into my own shell painting myself using the intimacy of just myself and a mirror, to create a finished canvas which enables the viewer to see fragments of my life which I would normally keep within my shell. Sensitivity is shown in the brushmarks which I achieve from painting left handed, using brush extensions and listening to a variety of music in the background."

Other Details

1974-77 Porcelain Figure Paintress at Welsh Crest, Cwmbran and  thereafter a Freelance Machine Engraver.  In 2007 she went to Viterbo in Italy as an ERASMUS student to study painting for three months.


2004, 2005, 2006 with the Abergavenny Art Group at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Abergavenny.
2008 Graduation exhibition at Howard Gardens Gallery Cardiff.
2009 one of Ten Selected Artists at the Abergavenny Museum.
2010 one of three artists at 'Art in the Arms Show' at the Kings Arms, Abergavenny.
2012  Artworkhouse Gallery, Abergavenny.
2013 Inside and Outside, Artworkhouse Gallery, Abergavenny.

Some of her work is shown opposite and also on the Gallery page.

Her Studio

Angela has her studio with several other local artists at the Artworkhouse Studio, Old Workhouse, The Old Workhouse, Hatherleigh Place, Union Road West, Abergavenny, NP7 7RL

fresh air
Like a Breath of Fresh Air
angela's painting
false impression
False Impressions

at the table
At the Table

under the table
Under the Table