Artworkhouse Abergavenny

gallery The Artworkhouse Gallery was first opened in July 2011.  Based in one of the stone workhouse buildings originally constructed in 1837, the interior has recently been adapted to accommodate a sparkling new Art gallery presenting an exciting line-up of exhibitions by artists based both locally and internationally.

artworkhouse6The Artworkhouse Gallery was started by artist Christopher Davies who brought something dynamic and much needed to the Abergavenny area - a gallery that is serious about art and a gallery which promotes serious art concerns generated by a group of committed artists.  The gallery is now run by Angela Bowen, Teena Hughes, Harriet Lloyd and John Hurst.

Since its opening the gallery has hosted exhibitions by David Gould, Peter Lamb, Chris Davies, Angela Bowen, Caryl Roese, Clare Faulkner, Helga Prosser, Harriet Lloyd, Christina Mitchell, Teena Hughes, Bob Mitchell, Hugh Davies, Chris Hall, Dave Parkinson and Selected Abergavenny Artists, together with work by photographers Toril Brancher, James Hudson and Wig Worland.

verucaIn addition to the gallery, several local artists have their studios in the old workhouse buildings.

"Is that a verruca? It looks like a verruca to me" (left) by Dave Parkinson who exhibited at the Artworkhouse during April 2014.

dave parkinson
Dave Parkinson pictured with his charcoal on canvas drawing that he has been working on during his exhibition.



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No exhibitions are planned in the foreseeable future.

Recent Exhibition

Poet and artist Chris Hall has also exhibited at Artworkhouse.  To visit his web page click on the image below.

side real setting in rock pool

big bang
From a recent exhibition, Big Bang by Dave Parkinson, acrylic on panel.
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Forthcoming Exhibition

If you would like to exhibit your artwork as an individual or as part of a group of artists, please contact

Recent exhibition

a walk in the pine wood
A walk in the pinewood by Harriet Lloyd.  Visit Harriet's webpage by clicking here.


A Previous Exhibition by Hugh Davies.

The exhibition of work by the late Hugh Davies of Abergavenny was successful. Click on this image to visit his web-page.


Artworkhouse Studios


Below is a list of the artists whose studios are located at the Artworkhouse: